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Magnetic Toys. Are we talking about Magnetic? That is the business of SEPP JEUX! With more than a million products sold each year, SEPP has established itself as a strong partner in the manufacture of French writing boards, metal supports and magnetic games. Thanks to the creativity of its designers, SEPP JEUX has built in recent years, their own product lines. We offer magnetic educational games from 3 to 99 years. Discover all our collection!



Ref. 4SILH00
The main purpose of this game is to learn about parts of the body while creating figures. While playing, the children will gradually learn about...


Ref. 4POLY00
Polyform is a creation and reection game. Children can create geometrical shapes and gurative models by manipulating and juxtaposing the diferent...

Basic 6+

Ref. 4ITB6
Contents: 2 pages with numerous colored examples. 1 magnetic cardboard board, size: 180 x 290 mm. 80 soft magnets, size: 20 mm., 4 colours. 40 soft...