Since 1973, Andreu-toys has specialized in importing and distributing educational toy brands.

In 1986, apart from the exclusive distribution activity, it was decided to start the production of educational wooden toys under the brand ANDREU Toys.

The design, the product conceptualization and its packaging, is created at our headquarters in Barcelona.

Through a careful selection of the best woods, such as rubber tree, beech, cherry, etc., as well as a functional design and at the same time exhaustive quality controls, a high-quality educational product is achieved.


In 2011, ANDREU Toys begins to expand in the international market. It is currently present in more than 40 countries around the world. Today, export sales already exceed 65% of the company’s global turnover.


The new generation of wooden educational toys and games from the Andreutoys brand are committed to an inclusive education, with a clear intention of promoting and favoring diversity.

Our educational items promote fun during play, entertainment and learning for all children, whether or not they have some type of functional diversity.

We firmly believe in comprehensive quality throughout the entire process of creating an educational toy or game, from its conceptualization with the team of pedagogues to its use and enjoyment.

Our main objective is to offer participatory educational toys and games that are safe and stimulate the ability to play and share with other children and/or adults, while developing social, cognitive, sensory and affective aspects.

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At ANDREU Toys we are committed to the environment. How do we do it? Helping to maintain a greener and more sustainable environment, through the rational use of the natural resources available to us.

Eco Toy
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Eco Bio

Following this strategy of sustainability and commitment to the environment, all the plastics inside the packaging are eliminated and we also stop printing the instructions on the products, which are replaced by a simple QR code. For all these reasons, our products are 100% recyclable and reusable.


In our distribution brands, we are committed to a change of model based on the reduction of conventional synthetic polymers, adapting raw materials that are biodegradable or of natural origin, which is beneficial for the environment and for the people.

Currently we already have several brands that are at the forefront of the so-called BIO Toys:

· The “ECOLINE” range from VIKINGTOYS, made with 90% of bio-based sugar cane.
· The FLEXITOYS BIO brand, also from VIKINGTOYS, made with 98% sugar cane and 2% wood chips from the rubber tree.

And we can also add the “Colors from Nature” wooden toys of the WONDERWORLD brand, whose paint comes from extracts of plants and flowers, which is completely harmless.

Therefore, we are committed to a future with more biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly products!

All our products comply with the strict EN71 safety standards of the EEC


41°50’29.1”N 2°14’38.5”E


The head office with all the backoffice, logistic and management services, is located in St. Miquel de Balenyà near Barcelona (Spain).

Offices of 200 m2 - A 2400 m2 warehouse.

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