• Andreu Toys

    Andreu Toys

    The new generation of Andreu-toys wooden toys and games are committed to an inclusive education with the clear intention on promoting the diversity. They encourage the fun on playing, the entertainment and the learning for children who have or not, some kind of functional diversity. Our educational toys are manufactured with eco-sustainable and high quality raw materials.

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  • Bioserie


    Toys made of plants. Our toys are made from a unique blend of bio-resins derived from corn starch and natural additives used to improve heat resistance, durability and allow for bright colors.

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  • Bonikka


    BONIKKA is a beautifully crafted family of rag dolls, designed to stand the test of time much like the enduring love that accompanies its gifting.

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  • Crafts by Andreu Toys

    Crafts by Andreu Toys

    Crafts. Find in this global catalog of ideas, many different types of crafts to stimulate creativity, art and experimentation. Develop multiple abilities such as painting, drawing, cutting, sewing, threading and gluing...

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  • Dantoy


    Sand, water & roleplay toys. DANTOY has been designing and producing quality toys in Denmark for more than five decades. As a result of this dantoy is now one of the largest plastic toy manufacturers in Scandinavia. Developing toys within the following categories are our speciality: beach toys – outdoor toys – pretend kitchen toys – vehicles – assorted outdoor toys for kindergartens - BIO Toys - recycling toys.

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  • Flexitoys Bio

    Flexitoys Bio

    FLEXI TOYS BIO made with sugar cane. These products combines timeless design of durable non-toxic toys with a oil-free plant-based Biothylene, made with sugar cane instead of polymer.

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  • Mideer


    Art puzzles & games. MIDEER is the prerfect combination between art and play. A color inspiration and a design space applied to products, for the creative and imaginative development of children.

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  • New Selection

    New Selection

    New Selection is a brand that include a wide selection of educational toys, decoration items, puzzles, chunky puzzles, stackables, board games, constructions, pull along toys, bead mazes... and a myriad of products made of wood, cardboard, metal or fabric, in constant renovation and expansion of the catalog.

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  • Sepp Jeux

    Sepp Jeux

    Magnetic Toys. Are we talking about Magnetic? That is the business of SEPP JEUX! With more than a million products sold each year, SEPP has established itself as a strong partner in the manufacture of French writing boards, metal supports and magnetic games. Thanks to the creativity of its designers, SEPP JEUX has built in recent years, their own product lines. We offer magnetic educational games from 3 to 99 years. Discover all our collection!

  • Trikes by Andreu Toys

    Trikes by Andreu Toys

    Heavy duty trikes & scooters. ANDREU Toys metal trikes & scooters. Suitable for children from 2 to 7 years old. Its design and the high quality of the raw materials make them long lasting trikes & scooters to be used in kindergarten, infant playground and schools.

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  • Viking


    Soft Polypropylene & Bioethanol Vehicles. For more than 40 years Vikingtoys have been manufacturing quality, well-designed and completely safe toys. Under this philosophy has emerged what we call the Viking ’s 6 ’S: Soft · Simple · Safe · Silent · Strong · Sustainable.

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  • WonderWorld


    Wooden educational toys. Rounded wood with a perfect finish and high quality, WONDERWORLD confers a range of products for ages from + 0m. Wonderworld toys help the development of visual perception, hand-eye coordination, motor skills and logical reasoning, among others ... In some models we have added colorful fabrics, just to give a more fun design look!

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